About Sarn Cambria
Sarn Cambria is a collaboration between the photographer Liz Fleming-Williams and sound recordist Simon Fraser. Our first recordings resulted in the Gwesyn Stillffilm which we have toured extensively and also now sell as a DVD. We have a pilot version of our next large scale project Monk’s Trod and several other smaller projects in development.

We are based on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains and through our work we hope to provide insight into this beautiful part of Wales, to give inspiration and opportunity for personal reflection a well as to to question mainstream values in a world threatened by ever more powerful commercial interests. Our work explores, through sound and image, the relationship between people, culture and the environment.
In the summer of 2006 we gathered a collection of experimental multitrack sound recordings and photographs in the valley of the remote Gwesyn river in the Cambrian Mountains.The resulting sequence of images with surround sound became a touring version of Gwesyn. and it soon became apparent that the 5-channel surround sound sequenced with still images was a powerful art form that we have called stillffilm. We have presented Gwesyn in many venues in Wales from its premiere in Abergwesyn Village Hall to the Hay Literary Festival, from the Wyeside Arts Centre in Builth Wells to the Drwm in the National Library of Wales. Our international screening was in the Fonoteca Nacional in Mexico City, where Gwesyn was presented to the conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.
Source Material
It is vital to us that the source material is authentic to the project in hand. The sounds and images that you see have been collected over a set period of time and from the places that each project depicts. We have not added sounds or images from other collections.
Simon Fraser:
Sound recordist, musician and composer

I work as a sound recordist for feature films, TV drama and documentary. Recent developments in sound technology have meant that multitrack field recordings are now possible. Combine this with still images and we enter a new and exciting medium where still images and the sound track are equal partners, independent but following the same direction and never in sync!
Liz Fleming-Williams:
photographer, geographer and environmentalist

I have been active in cultural, environmental and social profile of Wales for many years. I believe in ‘think global act local’. I am interested in the relationship between land use and the socio-economic environment that evolves around those land uses.